Preveasa™ and Ailie™ Moisturizing Soap


It includes one 1oz jar of Prevesa™ wound care cream plus 1 6oz bar of our Ailie™ hand and body soap.

Preveasa™ Wound Care 1oz

Preveasa has been developed for its used in trauma spots on the body like cuts, burns, scrapes or wounds. The shea butter base allows the Vireasa to be absorbed by the wounds where it begins to aid and reinforce the body's natural desire to heal. 

 Preveasa Package Insert.

  • Safe for children
  • Safe for the face

Ailie™ Natural Soap

Goat's milk soap is wonderful for all skin conditions as well as everyday use. The soap was developed when we had a local wrestling team fight MRSA. The mothers of the team were wanting a solution to help stop the spread of the infection to the other members of the family. This soap is wonderful for use on the skin anytime and one of our most popular Ailie buys.

It's now available in custom scents:

   Natural, Peppermint, Lavender, Guard, Passion, Cherry Almond

Cherry Almond has not been verified to be a natural scent, however due to it popularity we have chosen to keep it as a option.